Dan Foley Photography

Baby definition... Bewildering ability to bewitch you...

I adore photographing babies – from newborns with their tiny little fingers and tiny little toes, right through to when their little personalities start to show. There is something wondrous about a baby’s first year, don't let it pass by untold, get me to capture it through photographs. My newborn baby sessions are designed to be relaxed. I work around the needs of you and your baby. We will take breaks for feeds, nappy changes and anything else that your baby requires so that they feel calm and secure throughout. I have countless blankets, baskets and other adorable props, but I encourage you to collect a few bits yourself too, such as little hats or headbands, so that we can make these images personal to you and your baby! I recommend that we do your newborn photography within the first few days after he/she is born – ideally between days 4 – 12, but a little later is sometimes fine too. This ensures your baby is still very sleepy and maintains that newborn wrinkly glow.

I also offer a one year plan, so that we can schedule in four sessions throughout your babies first year, starting as a newborn and taking them up to just before their first birthday, with sessions at around month 4 and 8 too. I love this package as I get to see your baby growing up, and capture their different looks and characteristics in their first year. I want your photos to be very personal to you and my aim is to help you remember their tiny features, fuzzy hair, and all that was new about them. That first year passes so quickly that I want you to cherish the images we capture forever. Check out my prices page for information on all the options available.

A baby will make love stronger; days shorter; nights longer; bankrolls smaller; homes happier; clothes shabbier; the past forgotten; and the future worth living for.

- Anonymous