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Do it with passion, or not at all...

Hi, I’m Dan (if you hadn’t already guessed), and I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer and absolutely love what I do.


I have built a beautiful photographic portfolio over the years, which has been a true labour of love. 


I found myself with a passion for photography early on in life, and took photographs at every opportunity I had. I was handed my first camera to work with at school in my early teens, and the passion for the subject, the freedom of creativity, the ability to capture life and love in a single image has solidified my relationship with the camera ever since.


To be honest I don’t think there is a type of photography that I am not mad about. From capturing truly breath taking sunsets in Australia to a snowy country park on the first snow fall of the year; from newlyweds stealing a secret kiss when they have a moment alone to a father holding his new baby in his arms; I could make an endless list as for me photography gives life a narrative, and I want to be the person who documents this.

I have been doing photography for many years, but in 2012 I made the decision to go full time, giving up on the meaningless jobs that I was doing (although they did pay for me to see half of the world) and turn my passion into a full time business.


Life is too short not to try and enjoy every minute of the journey, and working with my camera, recording special parts of people’s life’s leaves me with a sense of pride and achievement in my work. Knowing I have created a series of images that people will cherish for a life time is the best feeling in the world.


Turning my passion into my full time career was one of the best decisions of my life so far and I look forward to all the new people that I meet, capturing beautiful photographs that truly capture their own personal stories.


Thanks for visiting the site and I hope this is a year that brings you many special memories which I can share with you through my camera.

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