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Covid19 doesn't mean we can't celebrate your love on your original wedding date! 
Your story is just paused, not cancelled. 

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This page will be regularly updated as the situation changes.

Covid19 - Update January 1st 2021

With weddings once again thrown into turmoil and uncertainty, I know some couples will be looking to postpone their big days once again to either later in the year or to 2022 when the situation is hopefully ancient history. However for all couples who do wish to postpone to 2022 I will not be able to carry over any special offer packages from 2020 and I will not be able to offer the same pricing on packages that were booked pre 2020. As you can imagine with the loss of the 2020 wedding season, finances have already been stretched to limits, with insurance, cost of living, software and upgrades still having risen from 2019. What this means is that for couples who do wish to delay until 2022 the package prices are different to what you would have seen pre 2020. For couples who are moving to a Monday to Thursday wedding in 2022 some flexibility will still be available. Weekend availability in 2022 is limited and I recommended familiarising with my current package pricing on the wedding investments page too.

Love to you all, and keep checking for updates as they will be updated as I know more, DFP

Covid19 - last update June 24th 2020

Wedding ceremonies for up to 30 people are allowed from July 2020.


I know from emails I am receiving that my 2020 wedding couples are worried about how Coronavirus will affect their plans, especially those with weddings in the next couple of months. I’m so sorry that you all have this stress and uncertainty to be dealing with at these crazy times. It is also extremely worrying for all businesses in the wedding industry, none of us know how long this will continue and it’s very likely businesses are going to suffer financially for their 2020 trading. 


Weddings from August onwards are still very much an unknown with July only able to hold small ceremonies of 30 people. 


If you’re thinking of postponing your wedding to a later date please get in touch to check my availability BEFORE booking a new date!

Due to these crazy times and Covid19 I am authorising that your existing booking deposit will be carried forward to your new date (subject to my availability). 2021 is very likely to be an extremely busy year with the majority of 2020 weddings postponed and lots of couples planning a wedding for 2021, so please get in touch as soon as possible to liaise on availability for new dates. 


I will work with you as much as possible to find a new date. I am heavily booked for 2021 but I do have some dates available and will offer suitable alternatives to any date you may suggest if I am unavailable. However if for some reason you are restricted or unwilling to compromise dates, days, seasons etc then we may not be able to find a clear solution. If you are unable to provide a date that we can transfer too, then you are going to have to cancel and I really don’t want that. If you do have to cancel then there is little more we can do. Payments, retainers already made are non-refundable, so please, look again at dates. Is there really no flexibility? We are not being unfair, unlawful, we are acting reasonably, and we are conforming to CMA advise. So please don’t let it come to this.


Tips for rescheduling:


  •         Let’s get through this fairly

  •         Get as many dates from Church, registrars, venue as possible

  •         We will be quick to respond to any communication as we know this is stressful

Love to you all, and keep checking for updates as they will be updated as they happen, DFP


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